"Contemporary Drama" Series
The series, edited by Mateusz Borowski, Małgorzata Sugiera and Anna Wierzchowska-Woźniak, was initally published by Księgarnia Akademicka, later by Panga Pank and now by FORMAT-A in co-operation with Drama Department of Jagiellonian University. It covers a representative selection of plays by the most renowned Polish and foreign playwrights. The aim of the editors is to present the widest possible panorama of styles, trends and tendencies in contemporary drama. The plays are translated by distinguished Polish translators. Each volume contains a critical introduction, exemplary analysis of published play-texts and commentaries of the translators.

The series was inaugurated by a publication of three plays by Werner Schwab in June 1999. By the end of 2006 Księgarnia Akademicka had published thirty-three volumes of plays mainly from the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) as well as from Spain, Italy, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and Ireland. It also contained anthologies of contemporary plays from Hungary, France and Poland.

Since 2007 the series came under the auspices of Panga Pank and the first volume published by the agency was Elfriede Jelinek’s Dramas of Princesses. We would like to continue our search for the most interesting texts, not only those from Western Europe, but also from those countries of Central and Eastern Europe whose cultures are still less known in Poland. In the long run we are planning to extend the scope of the texts presented in the series and start publishing plays from outside Europe—from South America, South Korea or Japan.

Books in the series
“Contemporary Drama” Series

Editors: Mateusz Borowski, Małgorzata Sugiera, Anna Wierzchowska-Woźniak

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